Procedure for lodging an appeal

Do you disagree with a decision of the CRT that directly or indirectly relates to your registration as a specialist? Then you can lodge an appeal against this decision. Your objection will be handled by an independent advisory committee. After receiving advice from the advisory committee, the CRT will decide on your notice of appeal. If you still disagree with the decision of the CRT, you can then appeal to the administrative court.

Lodging your appeal
You must submit your objection to the decision by the CRT, in writing, to the CRT, within six weeks of the date of the decision. Your notice of appeal must contain the following information:

  • your name and address; 
  • date;
  • a description/copy of the decision against which your are appealing;  
  • the grounds for the appeal.  

You can send your notice of appeal to:  Registration and Supervision Committee
PO Box 2713
3500 GS Utrecht 

or by e-mail to:

Subsequent procedure

  • After receiving your notice of appeal, the CRT will then submit your appeal to the independent advisory committee as soon as possible. 
  • In the majority of cases, the advisory committee invites you/the appellant to a hearing to explain your objections orally. 
  • A representative of the CRT is present at the hearing. 

Appeal to the administrative court
If you disagree with the decision of the CRT regarding your notice of appeal, following the advice given by the independent advisory committee, you can then appeal to the administrative court. 

The CRT: an independent governing body
The CRT has a number of public-law tasks, and, with a view to these tasks, is an independent governing body, as referred to in the General Administrative Law Act (Awb; article 1:1, first paragraph under b.) The decisions taken by the CRT in exercising its public-law duties are decisions within the meaning of the Awb. Examples of such decisions are: decisions regarding 

(re-)registration, decisions regarding conditional (re-)registration, or decisions to reject applications for re-registration for a specialism.